Software cohesion and it’s organizational impact

The typical software company builds and maintains a single, monolithic tarball of code. Certainly this is true for most startups. And if your startup becomes successful then eventually the high cohesion within that code base will make it tremendously hard...


Truly, the perennial question, is where to host my blog? Having been through Blogger, Wordpress and Tumblr, I think I’ve finally realized that you’ve got to host it yourself. So I’m trying out Ghost which is very much au currant...

Python Profiling made easy

This is more a reminder to myself of how to use the basic Python library’s tools for profiling.

Installing Mysql-Python 1.2.4b4 on Mac OS X Lion

My new service idea for the day is an online service which installs Mysql and all the right client libraries for you automatically. Would I pay $20 for that every time I got a new computer - for sure.

Fun with RabbitMQ

I’ve been using a Rabbit MQ in anger these days at my latest startup. It’s anchoring a large async, distributed system we’re building. I’ve taken to saying about Rabbit: “When it’s working, I love it. When it’s not, there’s nothing...