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Over the years I have come to appreciate how trust is the key ingredient to any effective engineering organization. The presence of trust enables all sort of things to magically happen, while its abscence can torpedo almost any effort. Patrick...

Technical Debt

I have had the great fortune of starting a few companies and products from scratch. These were true mythic green field opportunities - not a line of code existed when we started. For most companies, however, and most developers, there...

Platform migration: personal blog edition

Every few years I update my blog to a new system, both as a learning opportunity and to avoid getting stuck on something unmaintained. Last time I migrated from Wordpress to Ghost blog, and this time I migrated to Jekyll....

AWS is a 1000 piece lego kit

I’ve been spending time lately trying to get a deeper understanding of the current world of AWS. That platform grows and changes so quickly that it takes real effort just to keep up!